Elevate Your Tenant Experience

The ID Plans Tenant Portal is a unified solution designed to streamline tenant management, boost profitability, and elevate operational efficiency. As the leading commercial real estate collaboration tool, Tenant drives stronger communication and collaboration for improved customer experience at every stage of the tenant lifecycle.

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Bridging the gap between commercial real estate landlords and tenants

Expedite new lease applications and approval processes.
Standardize your customer service and manage responses.
Navigate and visualize each tenants COI compliance and documents.
Quick and easy access to view invoices, manage details, and make payments.
Stay updated on news and alerts. Quickly respond to tenant messages, feedback, and requests.
Convenient sales submittal to track and request missing sales figures.
Grant access to people and information for greater marketing engagement.
Easily navigate through the dashboard and create reports at a property and tenant level.

The Perfect Partner for Your Commercial Real Estate Needs

Where passion, expertise, and exceptional service meet to guide you on the journey to finding your perfect property management tool. We bring a deep understanding of the market and a commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our clients. Let us help you manage your properties.

What Our Users Say

Our innovative software solutions coupled with our world-class client success team ensures that each of our customers receive the tools, support and guidance they need to manage their properties more efficiently.
Shannon Dobo-Parent, Facilities and Real Estate Systems Administrator
"I love the easy enrollment process, and that you can submit various types of requests - from maintenance requests and lease inquiries, etc. - from one centralized screen. The user interface is super friendly and easy to use."
Greg Hausfeld, VP of Portfolio Management & Customer Solutions
“Tenant truly is a one-stop shop for our tenants to access everything related to their lease and space, including their lease information, information about their utility bills, and physical property information via ID Plans.”

Develop trust and cultivate long-lasting tenant relationships.

ID Plans Tenant prioritizes all users - the property, landlord, and tenants. Our mission is to create innovative software solutions designed to enhance the management experience of commercial real estate properties.
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